Harry L. “MO” Greene, II

Opinions and Platform Issues


Public Health and Safety. As we move through the Coronavirus Pandemic, I will be using my knowledge and training in public health to minimize the damage to individuals and to our local economy. I will work closely with the Pima County Department of Health as well as the Arizona State Department of Public Health for the best possible outcomes for the Oro Valley Citizens. I will work with Dave Perry and the Chamber of Commerce to seek ways to minimize damage to businesses in Oro Valley and encourage a robust rebound.


Public Safety to me means strong support for Police Chief Kara Riley and our Police Force. We must put our dollars and our policy behind the people who run toward bullets and in the case of our Fire Fighters … those who run into burning buildings. That means paying attention to their equipment needs and closely monitoring their retirement funds. They have given us one of the safest towns on the planet and we must not take them for granted.


Community Involvement. We will be considering a number of areas of our town that are slated for change. In some cases that may involve rezoning (Rancho Vistoso and Oro Valley Village, the land at the corner of First and Tangerine). It is imperative that the citizens who will be affected by these potential changes have a voice and an opportunity to let their thoughts and feelings be heard. I whole heartedly support their right to be heard!


Fiscal Responsibility. Up to now we have had a tightly budgeted, fiscally responsible town management and leadership. Just a few years ago (9) we had a major deficit but through prudent management since then the town has amassed a sizable “rainy day” fund which will help us emerge from the pandemic with minimal fiscal scarring. The Town Manager began early to anticipate what could happen this year and took steps to minimize it through hiring freezes, cutting optional expenses and delaying non crucial capital outlays. Mary Jacobs is doing a great job in a difficult time.


Managed Growth. Oro Valley is slowly moving past the 75%developable land mark. That means the remaining 20- 25% must be used carefully and with great wisdom. We have sought in the past to bring in high tech companies to help us grow intelligently. The Vet School will be a major asset. However with a large segment of our population being retired and on relatively fixed incomes the last thing we need right now, as we emerge from this forced depression is a property tax. We need to encourage growth in the other segments of our public income stream, sales tax, building fees, state shared revenues to avoid a property tax. That burden cannot be borne by business alone with the blow they have just sustained from the pandemic. As we grow we must remain cognizant of our history and seek new ways to support and preserve our legacy, The Steam Pump Ranch.


Annexation. The land to the north of us is potentially available for annexation and we must look at that possibility carefully and see if it might make sense for us to work with the state to proceed carefully along that path. Thus allowing a new venue for managed growth and development and a continuation of our income stream.


Parks and Recreation. The age group of many of the new occupants of Oro Valley is such that many have waited their whole lives to move to a place with a climate like ours, where they can golf, play tennis, swim, hike and bike ride. The citizens have clearly shown us that they want their municipal golf courses to remain robust and remain open. Even during the pandemic the membership for golf has grown. Oro Valley is a destination resort city and we should not take any actions to destroy that appeal.


Candidate Conversation. I thank you for the opportunity to share some of my ideas with you. I would encourage you to contact me with your suggestions, ideas and thoughts. Remember, if I am elected, I need to be your voice. To do that I need your vote.