Chris McCall, retired Chief of the Hobbs New Mexico Police Department and one of the two external candidates for OV Police Chief is party to an ongoing federal civil rights lawsuit brought by three former Hobbs PD officers.

The lawsuit alleges “racial discrimination and retaliation within the agency” and that officers were encouraged to “target people of color to make quotas.”

You can read more about the allegations here:



Controversial Police Recruitment Video Produced Under McCall’s Watch; Messaging Emphasizes Violence


Also of great concern is the recruiting message used by the Hobbs Police Department under Chris McCall’s watch.


Hobbs PD Recruitment Video

The Santa Fe New Mexican describes the ad: “The television clip shows a police SWAT team busting into a home as officers accompanied by dogs fire guns… It was not the opening of a TV drama but a recruiting ad for the Hobbs Police Department.”

Missing from the videos are the traits that make the Oro Valley’s Community Policing Philosophy so successful:  Service, Accountability, Neighborhood Focus, Problem Solving, and Decentralization (empowerment the rank and file of decisions).

The Washington Post (this incident made national news) noted that aspects of the policing video emphasize “Shooting stuff. K-9 enforcement. Nabbing the bad guys. The SWAT team.”

Additionally, the Hobbs Police Department’s SWAT produced its own recruitment video with officers shooting and destroying things, complete with heavy metal music and the voice over statement: “The rules of engagement of SWAT are simple: Defeat the enemy . . . any way you can.” 

Hobbs PD Recruitment Video – SWAT

The Washington Post argues: “What sort of person would be attracted to a career in law enforcement based on the images and activities depicted in that video? And is that the sort of person you’d want wearing a badge and carrying a gun in your neighborhood?”

Oro Valley Thrives is closely following the Police Chief recruiting process

Oro Valley Thrives is closely following the Police Chief recruiting process and we are continuing to look into this development.

The Town Council “majority” members voted in favor of an external Police Chief search at a cost of $25,000 plus expenses. Of the four final candidates for Chief of Police, McCall is one of the external candidates chosen.