Oro Valley Thrives to Hold Awareness Rally to Save 36 Holes of Community Golf and Property Values


Oro Valley Thrives will hold a free public rally with the theme “Save 36 Holes – Save Oro Valley” – to build awareness around the benefits of the Town maintaining its two 18-hole El Conquistador golf courses located at the Oro Valley Community Center. The rally will be held on Saturday, September 28 from 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM at Noble Hops, 1335 W Lambert Ln, Oro Valley, AZ.

At the Sept. 28th rally, speakers will highlight the benefits the 36-hole golf option would bring to the Town, including adding tax revenue to the Town, supporting local businesses, securing homeowners’ property values and increasing tourism. A recent Town Flash-Vote on tourism in the area had 622 respondents; 75.4% of which saw outdoor sports, such as cycling, golfing, tennis and hiking, as a strength of Oro Valley for visitors and tourists. Write-in comments also cited golf as a main attraction for tourism.

The Oro Valley Community Center and its public golf courses are the heartbeat of the Town. It is where people of all ages connect. We want to work with the Town and the Community at large to ensure that Oro Valley stays a great place to live, work, play and visit.


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09.23.2019_Oro Valley Thrives Rally PR FINAL